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CVN Arctic Pallas Hypothermia Bag

Diamond of Death ♦

It is well supported that patients who continue to suffer from shock (or hypoperfusion) are at increased risk of morbidity and mortality ...
CVN Arctic Pallas Hypothermia Bag

Hypothermia – The forgotten killer of the trauma patient

Why is it so important? Remember that the diamond of death in trauma is acidosis, coagulopathy, hypocalcemia, and HYPOTHERMIA. These 4 factors ...

Hemostatic dressing

Packaging of hemorrhages is a critical skill in trauma care where every second and every drop of blood counts. The use of ...


In dangerous or operatively difficult situations, the tourniquet goes high and tight on the clothing, in the lower limb avoids putting it ...
SAM-XT –kiristysside

Tourniquet myths

"Improvising tourniquets is the best" - Their failure rate is between 80% and 90% although sometimes they are the only option, try ...