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WATER-JEL Critical Kit

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The WATER-JEL Critical Burn Kit is a kit for the treatment of burns. The package includes care products, from small burns to severe burns.

  • Cools the skin and treats the burn
  • Stops the burning progress
  • Reduce the size of the injury
  • Prevents infections

The WATER-JEL bond is intended for the treatment of burns. The WATER-JEL bond has a cooling and pain-relieving effect in the burn zone. In addition, the antimicrobial feature of the WATER-JEL binding prevents infection in the burning area.

WATER-JEL Burning gel is a fragrance-free gel. The gel provides quick treatment of burns and prevents the destruction of surrounding tissue. WATER-JEL gel removes heat from burns, relieves pain, cools the skin and protects against potential infectious agents. Since the gel is clear, it does not have to be removed to examine the burn.

The contents of the bag:

2x burn dressings (10 x 10 cm)
2x burn dressings, handrail (20 x 55cm)
1x face Mask (30 x 40cm)
2x gauze rolls
1x scissor
1x guide card

The WATER-JEL bond is a non-sticky material in the burning area. The shelf life of WATER-JEL burners is 5 years. The products are one-time-use only.

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