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CVN IFAK – ADVANCED – Your Ultimate Lifesaver in Critical Situations

The CVN IFAK – ADVANCED is meticulously designed to provide you with the most advanced medical supplies in a compact and easily accessible package.

Comprehensive medical supplies: CVN IFAK is equipped with a wide range of medical essentials, including tools for managing major bleeding and packing wounds, securing airways, and decompressing tension pneumothorax. Whatever the emergency, you have the tools to address it effectively.

Military-grade durability: Built to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, our IFAK is made from high-quality materials that meet military standards. Whether you’re in combat, on a mission, in the tropics, or in the wilderness, you can trust that your medical supplies are protected.

Quick-access design: Time is crucial in emergencies, which is why we designed the CVN IFAK – ADVANCED for rapid use. With user-friendly compartments and innovative organization, the necessary supplies are quickly available even in high-stress situations.

Modular and versatile: Our IFAK is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment. Whether you choose to wear it on your belt, attach it to your vest, or store it in your vehicle, the CVN IFAK – ADVANCED offers versatile mounting options to suit your needs.

Expertly curated: Developed in collaboration with medical professionals and field-tested by experts, our IFAK contains only the most effective and reliable supplies. You can trust that each component has been carefully selected to ensure optimal performance when it matters most.

Pouch – TQ holster
CVN Chitosan Haemostatic Dressing x 1
CVN Hexagon Chest Seal VENTED x 1 (Twinpack)
CVN4 Responder Bandage x 1
CVN Pneumothorax Needle x 2
CVN Nasopharyngeal Airway x 2
CVN Emergency Rescue Blanket x 1
CVN Packing Gauze x 1
CVN TQ x 1
CVN Eye Shield x 2
CVN Trauma Shear x 1
2 pair of nitrile gloves (folded)


Product code: H5000-91001

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