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Calcium gluconate gel (2.5 %) 25 g

29,50  (VAT 0 %)

Calcium gluconate gel is intended for treatment of small skin burns caused by hydrofluoric acid (HF).


Calcium gluconate gel helps prevent damage caused by HF to the body.

Hydrofluoric acid is a highly reactive and strong acid, which upon contact with the eyes, skin and airways may cause irritation and serious injuries, such as tissue damage. Hydrofluoric acid easily penetrates the skin into the body and spreads even to the bones. When in contact with the skin, the acid locally causes a painful reddish burn, and when penetrating further, it causes tissue damage from soft tissues to the bones. When HF fluoride ions penetrate the body, they bind with blood and bone calcium. HF causes increased bone fragility and at the same time leads to a decrease in the level of calcium, exposing the person to heart rhythm disorders.

How does it work?

Calcium gluconate neutralises fluoric acid and as a result of such counteraction, non-toxic and insoluble calcium fluoride is formed. So, calcium gluconate is an antidote for fluoric acid. Calcium gluconate is available in the form of various preparations, such as gel for local use and eyewashes. Hospitals additionally use preparations to be administered intravenously and via the digestive tract.

How to use?

Take off the clothes contaminated with fluoric acid. Rinse the skin with water for one minute, then apply a generous amount of gel to the injured area by rubbing. Treatment should be provided immediately, and to let the gel penetrate well, it is important to rub the gel in the injured area properly. If there is no pain, the rubbing should be continued until the skin looks normal. The treatment has to be repeated if the pain returns. The injured area is protected with folded dressing. Calcium gluconate gel can be removed from the injured area by rinsing it with water.

The person providing first aid should wear protective gloves when applying calcium gluconate gel (e.g., vinyl or nitrile gloves).

For whom?

We recommend the gel for personal use to everyone working with fluoric acid.

Intended for external use only, cannot be used in the eyes.

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