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Major accidents

Smart TAG Triagekortti

Smart TAG MIST Triage

The SMART Tag®’s; folded design means that effective triage is quick and simple, allowing you to reprioritize your casualty quickly…

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CBRN Potilaan eristyskapseli

CBRN Isolation Pod

CBRN Isolation Pod protects the persons involved in treating a contaminated patient. CBRN Isolation Pod provides protection from chemical, biological…

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Poweri MIL 09 PVM4001 DHZ IP54 -sähköaggregaatti

Poweri MIL 09 PVM4001 DHZ IP54

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Xtractr2 -hätäevakuointialusta


Weighing less than 1.5kg (3lbs) the Xtract®2 can easily be carried operationally and be available at point of injury. Rapid…

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TNK DLX 2.0 Pro -lämpökuutio

TNK DLX 2.0 Pro Heater

3 400,00  (VAT 0 %)

Use cases: small tents, warming of hypothermia patients, external warming for e.g. vans, trucks and containers, boats.

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Orvecare Multi-mover

CVN Multi-mover

24,80 25,80  (VAT 0 %)

The CVN multi-mover is an unique design which ensures patients are evenly balanced and lifted securely.  Ideal for moving patients…

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14,00  (VAT 0 %)

The Perfect solution for an instant sleeping and resting mattress. Used by refugees, medical clinics, emergency teams, homeless shelters etc.

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Smart Triage Pac

Smart Triage Pac

The SMART Triage Pac™ holds all the tools you need to carry out triage. Compatible with START or any other…

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Smart T.R.I. Pack

The SMART T.R.I. Pack™ is a practical way to take chemical antidote auto injectors into the scene of a HazMat…

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