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CVN Arctic Easy Kit –liinavaatesetti

CVN Easy Kit

11,00  (VAT 0 %)

The CVN Easy KIT is a disposable linen set that contains a transfer liner, a pillow and a warm fleece…

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Kirurginen kasvomaski, sininen

SOL-M face mask, Type IIR, 50 pcs

4,98  (VAT 0 %)

Three-ply surgical face mask with elasticated earloops. Only EUR 0.19/mask! The marking Type IIR means that face mask spatter protection…

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AVALON Alto nitriilikäsineet

AVALON ALTO nitrile gloves

11,99  (VAT 0 %)

Nitrile gloves effectively protect the users and patients from infections and different chemicals. They can also be used to handle…

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Kasvosuojus, type IIR Orvecarelta

Orvecare face mask, Type IIR, 50 pcs

5,50  (VAT 0 %)

Made in Great Britain – only EUR 0.32/mask! Disposable Type IIR surgical face mask with a three-ply construction ensuring high…

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CVN SHLD C suojavisiiri, valmistettu polykarbonaatista

CVN SHLD C -COVID-19 visor

4,00  (VAT 0 %)

Highly durable CVN SHLD C mode; the visor is made of polycarbonate. This light and padded visor effectively protects you…

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Pehmustettu pärskesuojus

CVN SHLD face shield / visor

3,40  (VAT 0 %)

Padded visor that effectively protects you from liquid drops and splashes that may spread to the face area.

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Käsihuuhde ja käsidesi yritykselle tai yksityiselle

WATER-JEL hand disinfectant 120 ml

1,10  (VAT 0 %)

Colourless antiseptic gel cleans hands and kills 99.9 % of bacteria. A practical 120 ml package is easy to carry…

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CVN Easy KIT Lite -liinavaatesetti

CVN Easy KIT Lite linen set

2,30 8,00  (VAT 0 %)

CVN Easy KIT Lite linen set is a disposable linen set, which includes a transfer sheet and a warm fleece…

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Detectaplast puhdistusliinat

Detectaplast Cleaning Towels – 150 wipes per bucket

32,00  (VAT 0 %)

The Detectaplast wipes are already impregnated with liquid for good and efficient deep cleaning of hands, surfaces and materials. Alcohol…

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