CVN Coverall Suit

A white, disposable coverall suit. With rubber protection in the hood, sleeves and legs to ensure extra protection.
Easy to put on and take off, with zippers

16 + VAT 24 %

CVN Coverall Suite - valkoinen suojahaalari

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SAM-XT –kiristysside

Tourniquet myths

“Improvising tourniquets is the best” – Their failure rate is between 80% and 90% although sometimes they are the only option, try not to get there. “Tourniquets are dangerous because…

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In dangerous or operatively difficult situations, the tourniquet goes high and tight on the clothing, in the lower limb avoids putting it on the iliac crest, it must go under…

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Hemostatic dressing

Packaging of hemorrhages is a critical skill in trauma care where every second and every drop of blood counts. The use of hemostats based on chitosan or kaolin is increasing…

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CVN Arctic Pallas Hypothermia Bag

Hypothermia – The forgotten killer of the trauma patient

Why is it so important? Remember that the diamond of death in trauma is acidosis, coagulopathy, hypocalcemia, and HYPOTHERMIA. These 4 factors will lead our patient to certain death if…

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